Efficient and sustainable wastewater treatment solutions


Water is our world's most precious resource. Clean water requires care that unsanitary wastewater not seep into water supply catchment areas.

By properly treating wastewater effluent, we can maintain a safe water supply. But wastewater treatment has traditionally involved massive civil works projects, followed by large ongoing operating and maintenance costs, making treatment difficult to implement in many areas.

There’s a better way to treat wastewater, especially for developing nations and burgeoning populations — a distributed modular approach that is sustainable, energy-efficient, and scalable. Moreover, our superior approach to wastewater treatment has minimal impact on the environment and doesn’t even disturb the treatment site's neighborhood.

TTV Wastewater Solutions offers this innovative approach as our end-to-end wastewater treatment solution. Our products and integration services include Emefcy Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactors ("MABRs"), software, maintenance, project management, and training. MABRs utilize energy-efficient aerated membranes in conjunction with a biofilm to biologically treat wastewater. The final treated output is safe for reuse in irrigation or can be discharged as a very low load into existing municipal sewer systems.

Compared to other wastewater treatment methods, including all other membrane technologies, our proprietary low-pressure MABR technology elegantly solves an array of wastewater challenges — while requiring lower upfront construction and ongoing operating costs, consuming less energy, and offering significantly more uptime compared to traditional wastewater treatment solutions.

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